Compact systemfor sewage sludge utilization

Low-cost onsite sewage sludge utilization solution for small and
medium wastewater treatment plants (20.000 – 200.000 population equivalent)


We are aware that the challenges related to sewage sludge disposal in small and medium-sized WWTPs are growing. That is why EMPYRIO has developed a small-scale and cost-effective on-site solution tailored for them.

Lower utilization costs

There are up to 2 times costs savings, which are insured by low CAPEX and low OPEX due to no need for external energy resources for Empyrio system to operate.

Onsite utilization

High transportation costs and gate fees are avoided. In addition there is no dependence from farmers or incinerator plants operators, which may dictate terms.

Easy integration

Pre-assembled sea containers - based solution is easily installed at wastewater treatment plants. System is automated and operated by existing plants staff.

Circular economy

Valuable nutrient – Phosphor (P) might be later recovered from ash, which is an output after sewage sludge thermal treatment by Empyrio compact system.

All-in-One System

Our technology is a result of a decade-long R&D journey, dedicated to developing a compact ulitization system that revolutionizes the way small and medium-sized WWTPs manage their sewage sludge.

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Individual Approach

Please, contact us and provide your municipal sewage sludge volume and properties data. Our technical specialists will be able to calculate expected energy output and provide offer for Empyrio system.

Our Solution

Empyrio inventors developed a compact system, which provides a complex pre-drying and subsequent single-stage thermal treatment of high-moisture organic waste like sewage sludge. The system utilizes small and medium volumes (500+ tons/a of DS) of dewatered sewage sludge (20-25%DS) by itself without using additional external energy sources and raw materials. The heat from the thermal treatment process is sent to preliminary drying and further processing of the sewage sludge, ensuring the cyclicity of the process.
Medium and small wastewater treatment plants do not have other possibilities, than land application for the moment. The cost of incinerators is prohibitive for these sizes of plants. Empyrio might be a solution.
C.Chevron (Innovation Engineer at SUEZ International, France)
I can assess, that there is no other combustion plant like yours in operation in Germany and I think these kind of plants could be a good alternative especially for the decentralised sector.
P.Heidecke (department "Waste Technology, Waste Transfer" of federal Environment Agency of Germany)
Interested in smaller incinerators, especially because of ease of approval (4. BImSchV).
U.Zettl (Proffesor at FH-Biberach; representing 15 WWTPs in south west Baden- Würthemberg, Germany)
We are currently not aware of any system on the market that can economically incinerate sewage sludge below 1,500 t / a DM.
U.Tscherner (Team Leader Wastewater & Recycling - abc GmbH, Germany)
Would be open for collaboration if proof of principle with sewage sludge exist.
T.Giffey (CEO Abwasserverband Elbe-Elster, Germany)
Your project "Compact mono-incineration plant for sewage and digested sludge" has aroused my interest.
E.Lenius (Husum wastewater treatment plant manager, Germany)

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