EMPYRIO launches exciting startup journey at Deep Tech Atelier 2018!

During Deep Tech Atelier EMPYRIO project was organized and team was formed.

As a result of event, future CEO Alexander Belskis pitched new project in front of jury comitee.

Deep Tech Atelier 2018 marked the beginning of our exciting startup journey! During that event, we laid the groundwork for a new project, forming a dynamic team to bring our vision to life. Our future CEO, Alexander Belskis, passionately pitched the project in front of a distinguished jury committee. This event is the commencement of our startup journey – we know that will be long and filled with challenges, but we eagerly look ahead to revolutionizing the sewage sludge disposal industry! Stay tuned for updates on EMPYRIO’s progress at the forefront of deep tech innovation. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Follow our website to stay informed about our latest developments and the stages of our revolutionary adventure.

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