EMPYRIO established cooperation with Antec Biogas

EMPYRIO established cooperation with Antec Biogas company from Norway – manufacturer of innovative compact biogas systems.

Antec Biogas AS in 2016 got the Bioenergy Innovation Award SINTEF from the Research Council, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) and Innovation Norway for the Best Green Technology Invention as a solution for the future, what proved high innovation level. Since 2016 Antec Biogas AS have already built several biogas plants and has a technology that provides new opportunities for biogas production and making it available and profitable also for small productions like small wastewater treatment plants, which are EMPYRIO SIA target customers.

As biogas for these plants is generated from sewage sludge, which afterwards needs to be utilized, Antec Biogas AS and EMPYRIO SIA equipment could be delivered in one package for most efficient sewage sludge treatment, when primary biogas is extracted from sewage sludge and afterwards it is utilized. Thus, small wastewater treatment plants generate green energy and eliminate waste problem, staying independent from waste utilization companies and becoming sustainable and autonomous. Similar benefits are applicable also for other customers with other types of organic waste, what makes cooperation potential of Antec Biogas AS and EMPYRIO SIA huge in numerous of applications and worldwide territory.

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