EMPYRIO’s compact incinerator secures patent in Eurasian countries!

With great joy, we announce an incredibly significant step in the development of our company! We have obtained a patent for our compact incinerator in the Eurasian countries, marking a pivotal moment for our technology aimed at the effective disposal of sewage sludge directly on the premises of wastewater treatment plants.

This significant stride reaffirms the innovation and value of our technology. The EMPYRIO compact incinerator provides a cost-effective and sustainable on-site solution, eliminating the need for transportation and preventing the release of contaminants from sewage sludge into the soil through farm application. We express our gratitude to everyone for their support at this crucial stage of our development. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey in the field of sustainable environmental technologies, reshaping the landscape of the residues management industry! Stay tuned for more updates!


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